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Administrative Consultancy
Operations Support
Project Coordination
Social Media Management
Administrative Office Support
Contact Management
Client Email and Phone Follow-up Support
Event & Meeting Coordination
Special Projects
Web Research
Data Entry
Telephone Call Campaigns


 The Busy Buddy offers operational support, project coordination and administrative consultancy services that help businesses operate more efficiently and improve their productivity. Businesses experiencing work overload, fast approaching deadlines or projects that need special expertise and support, The Busy Buddy will help to manage your priorities so you can reach your business objectives. We currently work with clients in small business law, food service distribution, property insurance, public relations, telecommunications, real estate, engineering, residential cleaning and business coaching.


Our solutions will help with the following:


Decrease Stress - The Busy BuddyBetter Prioritize - The Busy BuddyStreamline Functions - The Busy Buddy

Manage Workloads - The Busy BuddyIncrease Productivity - The Busy BuddyReduce Overhead Costs - The Busy Buddy


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